Drone video/photography with DJI Inspire1 with x5r camera mounted and various lenses. Allows high quality RAW imaging with interchangeable lenses. For smaller projects or situations in the backcountry a Mavic 2 Pro is used.


I use 3-Axis Syrp motion control for timelapse. Range from 60cm to 10+ meters tracking with tilting and panning options. As well as Sony a7r III with various lenses. Post production in After Effects with assistans from LRTimelapse for flickerfree shots.


"Maj-Doris", Documentary, Timelapse/Aerials
"Smaker Från Sapmi" Food TV series, SVT. Timelapse/Aerials
"Tuurpa Kiinni Minun Haters", Novel Film. DIT photography Dept.